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GIZMO GEAR has been making Custom Products for Events, Bike Shops, Running Stores and Teams for more than 20 years. Thousands of athletes are using our custom products everyday. Take a look at some of the samples shown below.

Customized Gear is a great way to reward participants, customers, and employees. It also presents a unique opportunity to get your name out and promote your cause.

If you have any question or would like your logo designed into a GIZMO product for your event or team, give us a call at 1-702-768-4065 or send an email to larry@gizmosocks.com. We'll be glad to help you and provide you with a personal quote - no hidden fees.

Get your own custom performance product at a great price!

Gizmo Custom Socks Sample

Gizmo Custom Socks Sample

Gzimo Custom Sock Sample

Gizmo Custom Sock Sample