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GIZMO Performance Socks are manufactured in the U.S.A. with moisture wicking COOLMAX® fabric.

COOLMAX® CoreSpun fibers are spun around Lycra to create a single yarn, so our socks provide:
• Unsurpassed Moisture Management
• Blister Protection
• Low Pilling
• Abrasion Resistance
• Best Elastic Support Available
• Extra Smooth, Looped-Toe 
COOLMAX® CoreSpun fibers wick moisture away from the foot to allow fast evaporation, while providing an excellent defense against blisters. We put the COOLMAX® on the inside of the sock where it belongs and the nylon on the outside to provide lasting durability. The cuff uses Lycra to offer a truly gentle, supportive ankle band.

This way athletes get the level of performance they need to stay cool and comfortable in any situation. 

GIZMO's WOOLY-G Socks are made in the U.S.A with an exceptional grade of all natural fiber Merino Wool from New Zealand. The wool insulates the foot from heat or cold, absorbes and evaporates moisture quickly so the foot stays drier and naturally odor-free. Nylon is added to the sock for strength and Lycra assures a comfortable fit.

Laundry instructions:

GIZMO Performance Socks and GIZMO WOOLY-G Socks are to be be machine washed warm, and tumble dried low. However, due to the moisture wicking effects of COOLMAX® and Merino Wool, both type of socks also dry quickly on a clothline 

Fabric content:

Gizmo Performance Socks:                    WOOLY-G Socks:          

50% CoolMax                                        57% Merino Wool

40% Nylon                                            40% Nylon

10% Lycra                                             3% Lycra